Online education provider utilizes the entire Google Technology stack to increase student enrollment and drive profitability

Through Google Marketing Solutions, Jellyfish Dynamix could understand the entire user journey and tailor online campaigns through a diverse channel mix.


  • Increase qualified lead volume and student enrollment
  • Optimize budget planning – apply shifts in channel spend against demand
  • Create a diverse channel mix that provides the optimal customer journey, which will likely to yield conversions


  • Optimize overall marketing spend by channel (and move away from last-click attribution)
  • Integrate data from Analytics 360 Suite with DoubleClick Bid Manager
  • Leverage Analytics 360 and Salesforce integration with keyword level data to create bid strategies and optimizations in DoubleClick Search
  • Define audience personalization with programmatic advertising in DoubleClick Campaign Manager, leveraging Audience Center
  • Shift ad spend through attribution modeling to drive increase in high-propensity, qualified applications, using the media mix modeling from Attribution 360


  • Increased application volume by 33% YoY
  • Increased enrollment by 12%
  • 35% higher conversion rate for final converting channel when assisted by RTB

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