TrueView builds awareness and engagement for automotive client

Serving TrueView ads through DoubleClick Bid Manager, Jellyfish Dynamix and their automotive client saw a lift in brand search queries and subscribers.


  • Increase brand awareness and engagement with their YouTube channel
  • Integrate media through DoubleClick Bid Manager to overlay third-party audiences


  • Implement two video strategies: TrueView in-stream and discovery ads
  • In-stream ads are used to increase awareness, including upper-funnel segments to drive higher view-through-rates and click-through-rates
  • Discovery ads were implemented to increase engagement with the YouTube Channel, including mid-funnel segments to drive higher conversion activity


  • YouTube subscribers nearly doubled since launch
  • Increased total watched video time
  • Lift in brand search queries for those who saw the video
  • Lift in purchase intent

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