Total Wine uses DoubleClick Search to drive local traffic to their brick and mortar locations

Using Local Inventory Ads, Jellyfish Dynamix and Total Wine reached prospects who researched online and provided them with an option to convert in a nearby store location.


  • Expand in-store footprint online and reach local searchers
  • Measure the impact online activity has on in-store foot traffic and sales
  • Increase sales and revenue both online and in-store


  • Created Local Inventory Ad (LIA) feed that provided information for thousands of products specific to closest brick-and-mortar location to searcher, while giving them an option to purchase online
  • Implemented LIA campaigns in specifically focus markets
  • Added Google’s in-store visits metric to reporting in order to understand offline impact


  • Increased Local Inventory Ad investment decreased cost-per-click
  • Improved ad efficiency provided more time to optimize shopping performance and attract more in-store customers
  • 173% increase in orders
  • 145% increase in Ecommerce revenue
  • 180% uplift in in-store visits from prior quarter

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