Dolce Gusto, Jellyfish Dynamix

Nescafé Dolce Gusto leverages smarter audience retargeting

Through the DoubleClick technology, Nescafé Dolce Gusto and Jellyfish Dynamix increased awareness with new audiences, encouraged product purchase with existing customers, and ensured brand safety.

Dolce Gusto, Jellyfish Dynamix


  • Increase awareness to drive sales through retail partner sites and stores
  • Encourage machine owners to purchase additional products through Nestlé’s website
  • Optimize ads viewability
  • Guard brand safety so the Dolce Gusto displays didn’t appear on inappropriate web page


  • Identified target audience through audience signals and refined the audience using site, shopping, and coffee machine sales data
  • Use DoubleClick Bid Manager to shape programmatic media placements through online behavior and shopping habits
  • Suppress known owners from awareness campaigns
  • Encouraged machine owners to purchase capsules from Nestlé’s website at an interval that matched their pod buying frequency
  • Ensure viewability of the ads


  • Increase in awareness efficiency
  • Improved retargeting based on analysis
  • Deliver viewability 21 points ahead of IAB standard
  • 45% increase in sales YOY

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