Partnership FAQs


Who is LiveRamp?

LiveRamp is an identity resolution provider offering data onboarding. All of your marketing data can be tied back to real people, anonymously, across first, second and third parties. Think of LiveRamp, at a high level, as the pipes of the internet. LiveRamp can take data and move it from one place to the next.

Why use LiveRamp?

LiveRamp resolves all of your data from everywhere so you can ultimately improve targeting, the relevance of your marketing, and convert and optimize for better ROI.

Use Cases are as follows:

  • Leverage CRM audiences offline into digital marketing. For example, if you are a retailer with a direct mail list, LiveRamp can convert this into hashed email targeting so you can offer applicable online ads for your products to a particular consumer.
  • Create exclusion lists, so that if an activity happens offline, digital marketing can be adjusted. For example, if a consumer is in an auto dealership and purchases a car, LiveRamp can convert this data so that you no longer serve online ads to purchase a car, but instead serve online ads for the next stage in that consumer’s auto journey.

Where do I begin with LiveRamp?

The first step you take is working with your internal CRM team to pull data, organize the file layout and then send the file over to LiveRamp. It can be first, second, or third party data. After that, LiveRamp anonymizes the data and segments it to create specific audiences within said data.

How does LiveRamp upload and utilize data while still maintaining privacy?

LiveRamp has the largest match network in the ecosystem, enabling them to match at a person level.

They match the PII (Personally Identifiable Information) against their network deterministically at a person level. After it’s matched, LiveRamp removes the PII, converts it to an anonymous ID, but leaves the remaining elements. In other words, no personal or private information will be obtained, but instead, we’ll still know “ID 123” visited Website X searching information on product Y.

What is the outcome of uploading my data with LiveRamp?

You can now send some or all of those people to over 600 destinations to target at a person based level. Think of a giant spreadsheet that enables LiveRamp to know that LiveRamp’s XYZ123 = Doubleclick’s ABC456. In the case of AdWords Customer Match, LiveRamp converts the ID to all associated hashed gmails. For example, actually equals,, etc. Therefore, any profile of “bobsmith” will be associated with this ID.

How does LiveRamp’s list data translate into DoubleClick, specifically DoubleClick Bid Manager?

When in a distribution list on LiveRamp, the layout will appear as it does in the below screenshot.

Audiences will appear under the same naming convention in both LiveRamp, as well as DoubleClick, which can be seen in the second screenshot below. LiveRamp shows its counts based on device. Then, DoubleClick gives a final count of what it can connect.


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