LIDS quickly transitions into the DoubleClick platform in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Jellyfish Dynamix worked with LIDS to get them into platform and launching campaigns to meet their tight deadline.


  • Transition to DoubleClick platform and launch campaign within two weeks
  • Reach target audience in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


  • Executed contracts and platform setup quickly and efficiently to ensure a timely launch
  • Identified the need for both DoubleClick Campaign Manager for banner ads and DoubleClick Search for paid search ads
  • Trained LIDS’s digital agency on DoubleClick and provided support for initial campaigns
  • Ramped up campaign spending and execution quickly


  • Reached Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers with targeted sales
  • Moved to self-service model after LIDS’s digital agency completed training with the Jellyfish Dynamix

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