Dolce Gusto, Jellyfish Dynamix

Nescafé Dolce Gusto leverages sequential targeting

Through DoubleClick, Jellyfish Dynamix capitalized audience features to connect with customers and deliver outstanding results.

Dolce Gusto, Jellyfish Dynamix


  • Execute a complex sequential display campaign to increase spontaneous awareness of Dolce Gusto to support sales goals for coffee makers.


  • Create audience segments in line with engagement of creative assets to allow for true sequential targeting in media buys
  • Create audience segments in relation to all media buys
  • Analyze the performance and delivery of audience segments and media buys


  • A targeted campaign with complex sequential messaging which met the 70% viewability target
  • Audience validation of programmatic and direct media buys allow us to optimize in real-time and hold publishers accountable on agreed targeting
  • A saving of 7% decrease in media spent on data YOY which was then re-invested into media

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