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DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner & Services

What is a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner?
DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partners are an extension of Google. Jellyfish Dynamix serves as a trusted and reliable partner to DoubleClick. We help advertisers and agencies create, manage and grow their high-impact digital marketing campaigns.

What is the relationship between Google and Jellyfish Dynamix?

Jellyfish Dynamix manages DoubleClick and Analytics 360 technology and services for customers on behalf of Google. As an extension of Google, we provide full, direct access to the DoubleClick platform as well as the strategic support, management and training required for advertisers and agencies to succeed.

Do I have to go through a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner to use DoubleClick?

It is recommended by Google that all those using DoubleClick do so through Google Partners. Jellyfish Dynamix is one of a few carefully selected DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partners.

Google Partners are there to provide advertisers and agencies with the best possible experience when using DoubleClick. As a Google Partner, Jellyfish Dynamix provides a dedicated account team who offer accessible technical support, fast response times, and personalized assistance.

What DoubleClick training does Jellyfish Dynamix offer?

Jellyfish Dynamix offers a range of training sessions, designed to suit your individual needs. Our dedicated team of trainers can provide training that varies from one-on-one video conference calls to in-house advanced sessions for all your team.

Our hands-on training provides practical knowledge and can benefit both new and intermediate users of DoubleClick technology.

The aim of our training is to explain what DoubleClick technology can do for your business. As an established training provider, running over 200 digital marketing courses per year – including some dedicated to DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick Campaign Manager, all our courses are up-to-date and delivered by experienced professionals.

Training content and class size can be tailored towards your organization’s need. If you are moving from another ad server to DoubleClick, we can also offer support and training specific to the transition process. Read more about our training offerings on our Services page.

DoubleClick Pricing

How much does it cost to use DoubleClick?

Pricing depends on which service level you require – Self-Service, Consulting / Hybrid, or Fully-Managed – as well as which DoubleClick technology (or technologies) you are using – DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM), DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM), DoubleClick Search or DoubleClick Studio. Please contact us for more information.

Why are there technology fees and service fees?

Technology fees are passed through to Google for the use of the DoubleClick technology. Service fees are for the ongoing support provided by Jellyfish Dynamix.

Does Jellyfish Dynamix work with agencies? Are there agency rates?

Yes, Jellyfish Dynamix works with a variety of DoubleClick users – from advanced agencies to individual advertisers. We provide agencies with the DoubleClick technology for them to use for their clients.

There are no specific agency rates – our pricing structure is based on service levels, not a business type. However, agencies are usually best suited to our self-service model.

Google Analytics 360 and DoubleClick platform functionality

What is the difference between the DoubleClick platforms?

  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager is an ad server that simplifies trafficking tasks and reporting. This also allows for direct media buys.
  • DoubleClick Bid Manager is a demand-side platform (DSP) that enables yourself, or Jellyfish Dynamix on your behalf, to purchase display ad inventory via real-time bidding exchanges.
  • DoubleClick Search is a search management platform that allows you to run campaigns across multiple engines and media channels.
  • DoubleClick Studio is a tool that can be used to produce rich media creative quickly.

Is there a higher rate for rich media (video, banner, instream) impression and CPM rates?

Yes, there are higher CPM rates for rich media. Please contact us for rates.

How does Analytics 360 Suite and DoubleClick work together?

As a Google Analytics 360 partner and reseller, Jellyfish Dynamix can implement and support Analytics 360, as well as DoubleClick technology.

Analytics 360 integrates natively with ad-technology, such as AdWords and, of course, DoubleClick. The DoubleClick platforms share the DoubleClick Cookie ID and Google ID, which in turn is mapped to device IDs from mobile devices. Using Analytics 360 alongside DoubleClick, we can use your data and our analytics and attribution expertise to optimize your campaign.

Can I use DoubleClick Campaign Manager without DoubleClick Bid Manager or vice versa?

Yes, you can. However, when buying media both programmatically and directly, there are major benefits to using DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Bid Manager together. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your individual situation.

Does DoubleClick facilitate private deals?

Yes, it does. First of all, contact your desired publishers (directly or through the ad exchanges), and then let us know the Deal ID that you have negotiated. We will make that inventory source available to your account. If you want more information on what packages are available from publishers, your dedicated Jellyfish Dynamix account team can offer additional support.

What device types can I advertise on with DoubleClick?

You can use DoubleClick to advertise across apps, connected TVs, desktops, tablets, and the mobile web.  As more devices become available, we’ll keep you updated.

What targeting criteria can DoubleClick use?

DoubleClick allows you to pick the exact sites, devices and formats that your advertisement is shown on, as well as the audiences who you want to see it. There are many combinations of variables and audiences that are available, including positive or negative targeting variables.

As an example, if you want to target all the desktop devices with the language set to Spanish, browsing the Mashable website, aged between 25 – 34, in Illinois — that audience is yours.

  • DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) can generate reports for planning and audience targeting. This includes overlap and availability, and be used to help scope out display activity.
  • Additionally, there are campaign and performance reports, and a custom report builder that gives access to a large volume of vectors, dimensions, and metrics to assess your activity.
  • The reporting and attribution center in DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) also gives you access to cross-channel reporting and both rule-based and data-driven attribution models.
  • All reports are downloadable in .csv format.

Can I set up my own KPIs and metrics for success?

Yes, you can. How exactly you can set up your own KPIs and success metrics is partly determined by how you have tagged your site, app or other digital assets. However, as long as tagging reflects your own KPIs and metrics, you can then report on these. DoubleClick Bid Manager’s buying algorithm even allows you to automatically optimize your campaigns to your business goals.

Can I use a third-party data platform to manage or analyze where and how my data gets used? Who owns my data? Can Google share my data with other companies?

The majority of data management platforms (DMP) are natively integrated with DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick Campaign Manager.  This means that access to your custom data is simple. You retain full control of your data sets and audience lists within the platform. DoubleClick is a pure-play ad technology vendor, unlike many of the others operating in the programmatic space. Because of this, Google has no interest in sharing your data to benefit other advertisers’ campaigns.


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