Animated banners increase conversions for Penguin Random House

DoubleClick wins the battle of technology testing with Penguin Random House

Penguin Random House was testing different DSPs within their organization. After working with Jellyfish Dynamix, their DoubleClick campaigns outperformed the competition.

Animated banners increase conversions for Penguin Random House


  • Test different technology platforms to learn about programmatic within their different verticals
  • Identify the best solution for their organization


  • Develop a programmatic strategy to support different book launches, starting with the teen novel, The Torch
  • Identify highest performing audiences to target, ultimately increasing sales
  • Design and launch rich media animated ads


Through DoubleClick Bid Manager and Jellyfish Dynamix, Penguin Random House:

  • Identified audiences beyond what Penguin Random House believed was their key demographic and expanded those tactics
  • Increased engagement
  • Moved more book launch campaigns to DoubleClick

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