Lowe’s takes ownership of their data

Jellyfish Dynamix re-built the DoubleClick technology stack to provide Lowe’s with data ownership and full transparency into their agency partners’ media buying and costs.


  • Design a data capture strategy to capitalize on highly valuable consumer journeys
  • Improve media activation strategies
  • Allow comprehensive data generation


  • Audit site to identify existing user journey, conversation points, and all actionable data
  • Overhaul floodlight strategy to capitalize on highly valuable consumer journeys, improve media activation strategies, and allow comprehensive data generation
  • Revise campaign set-up/hierarchy in DoubleClick platforms to simplify naming conventions, streamline reporting, and increase agility for future customization


After working with Jellyfish Dynamix, Lowe’s can use DoubleClick to:

  • Execute data-driven campaigns based on real-time conversion metrics
  • Access real-time reporting for up-to-the-minute decision making
  • Serve dynamic creative based on audience segments, weather-based triggers, and geo-targets
  • Execute digital campaigns based on offline point-of-sale transactions and data points

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