Engage Your Audience With Studio

Create dynamic and rich media solutions that engage and excite.

Studio’s simple toolkit develops better ads, faster. From custom video to dynamic images, your creative assets are hosted in one place and seamlessly displayed across desktops, mobile devices, and apps.


  • Data-driven creative
  • Animations, interactivity, and personalized content
  • Simple creative generation
  • Seamless campaigns across all formats and screens

Data-driven creative

Generate dynamic creative based on audience and context. Leverage triggers and data collected throughout the Google Marketing Platform to execute through Studio. Incorporating rich media engagement metrics allows for deeper insights into the impact of your ad.

Animations, interactivity, and personalized content

Use dynamic technology to deliver relevant and unique ad experience to each individual consumer and audience. Engage users through relevant and intuitive interactivity to build genuine interest in your brand.

Simple creative generation

Create dynamic Campaign Manager ads without a developer for a streamlined workflow. Templated rich media ad formats and pre-built functionalities frees your time, so you can drive innovation and creativity.

Seamless campaigns across all formats and screens

Flawlessly deliver consistent and seamless digital campaigns simultaneously across all formats and screens. HTML5 and web developer tools simplify the process, even for dynamic campaigns. For a mobile-centered workflow, the creative preview app allows you to see, share and test ads in a mobile environment before deploying.


Learn how to create rich rich media and data driven dynamic content with our range Studio training courses.

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