Jellyfish Dynamix understands that your business is unique and there is not a one size fits all solution to digital marketing challenges. Partner with us and find the right combination of technology, support, strategy and training to meet your needs.

How does the partnership work?

Getting started with DoubleClick is a simple three step process:



Choose a service package and DoubleClick tool combination that meets your needs.



Jellyfish Dynamix supports account set-up to quickly get your team in platform. Onboarding and training support options are available.



Begin launching and optimizing campaigns.

Service levels

Jellyfish Dynamix supports a variety of DoubleClick users, from advanced agencies and in-house teams, to advertisers that need strategy and execution management. We customize your service levels to meet your business needs.


Experienced in-house teams and agencies

We’ll stay in the background and let you do what you do best. We’ll get your team in the platform quickly so that you can manage strategy, campaign set-up, and optimization from day one. Jellyfish Dynamix is available for platform trouble-shooting and support.

Consulting / Hybrid

The sweet spot between self-service and fully-managed

Our service tiers are flexible and adaptable. You can add additional services or we can even transition you from one plan to the next. Advertisers looking to bring their programmatic solutions in-house, or transfer to a new agency, often start on fully-managed and take advantage of our training program to educate their team and prepare to move to a self-service model.


Advertisers looking for a strategic partner to lead their programmatic and/or search campaigns

Jellyfish Dynamix develops creative assets, manages campaign tagging and tracking, produces weekly reports and optimizes campaigns. Providing 100% transparency, we partner with you to align campaigns with your business objectives.

Additional services

Provide you access to the platform, floodlight consultation, trafficking best practices and QA services, as well as structure campaign hierarchy/setup.

Fully manage campaign creation, including dynamic feed development and creative consultation. Develop campaigns that serve dynamic creative based on audience segments, weather-based triggers, geo-targets and more.

Provide bid strategy consultation and recommendations for campaign settings, audiences, frequency, and optimization.

Develop a reporting framework for you to manage on your own or Jellyfish Dynamix can take over all reporting responsibilities. Consultations or report production can include executive dashboards and automated reporting scheduled weekly, monthly, or your own preferred schedule.

Provide dedicated account resources and an account manager to handle urgent issues and questions regarding the platforms.

Manage the initial creative set-up and upload, campaign creation, floodlight set-up, QA, and tag creation. Make any mid-campaign adjustments such as updating URLs and creative changes as necessary.

Review your existing set-up including the hierarchy and naming conventions. Provide you short-term recommendation for floodlight configuration and audience creations, as well as ensure your team is taking full advantage of the platform. Your account can be fine-tuned based on the quarterly or bi-annual audits.

Review your existing banners and make recommendations to better utilize data and provide best practices guidance to enhance your creative strategy.

Provide raw reporting data to deliver analytics beyond the standard Campaign Manager reporting. Impression and click files are delivered to your business intelligence team in a log level format to model and inform digital strategies. To take full advantage of Data Transfer, your organization will need to: extract, transform, and load large files, administer a database, and implement scripts.


Jellyfish Dynamix’s training offering helps you gain a better understanding of what Google’s technology can do for your business. We provide tailored training sessions ranging from one-on-one video conferencing to in-house advanced sessions for your team.

As an established training provider, running over 200 digital marketing courses per year, our courses are delivered by experienced professionals and cover the most up-to-date content. Whether you’re a new or existing customer of Analytics 360 (or former DoubleClick), our hands-on courses provide practical knowledge in what the Google Marketing Platform can offer.

Each course is adaptive for various learning needs – whether it be for strategic planning, building technology ecosystems or for users who need to become skilled hands-on practitioners.

We provide full training and support across the Google Marketing Platform and cover:

Google Marketing Platform
Display & Video 360
Campaign Manager
Search Ads 360
Analytics 360

View our range of Google Marketing Platform courses


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