Enhance Your Search Campaigns With Search Ads 360

Gain unified insights to respond in real time and at scale.

Use Search Ads 360, formerly known as DoubleClick Search, to efficiently and effectively manage enterprise-level campaigns in one place. Integrating with Google’s entire suite of marketing solutions, manage keyword campaigns, bids, performance, and reports to optimize your results.


  • Up-to-the-minute data
  • Unified reporting
  • Audience Insights
  • Cross-channel insights
  • Data Feeds
  • Advanced business data

Up to the minute data

React to market changes in real time with fresh data and intelligent algorithms that evolve to meet your goals. Google’s machine learning and optimization supports smarter analysis and bid adjustments. Search Ads 360 changes bids up to four times a day and refreshes 90 metrics every 15 minutes.

Unified reporting

Real time, de-duplicated data provides the insights to manage campaigns quickly and at scale. DoubleClick reporting includes clear attribution modeling and cross-channel insights.

Audience insights

Use audience signals to create tailored ad content and refine your targeting. Integrate offline data and call tracking to influence bidding decisions.

Cross-channel insights

Understand the full customer journey, with search campaigns that are closely integrated with the rest of your digital marketing campaigns. Track the start of the journey on one device and end with a conversion on another.

Data feeds

Inventory aware campaigns automatically create keyword campaigns directly from your shopping feed. Create ads, keywords and ad groups dynamically, and integrate with existing bid management strategies. Drive revenue through long-tail keyword expansion.

Advanced business data

Take labeling to the next level. Every campaign and keyword can have an infinite amount of business columns. Business data allows imported customized data feeds that help reporting, management, and even make ROAS calculations easy.


Learn how to execute campaigns, leverage targeting capabilities and reporting with our range of Search Ads 360 training courses.

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