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The Google Marketing platform contains advertising tools that can work in unison or individually:

Campaign Manager, formerly called DoubleClick for Advertisers, is the third-party ad server that allows you to plan, execute and measure your display campaigns. It is where advertisers can manage and execute display efforts. Campaign Manager streamlines planning, trafficking, targeting, serving, optimization and reporting. Campaign Manager moves you away from last click metrics and incorporates impressions into pathway analysis.

Display & Video 360 is the demand-side platform (DSP) that allows you to reach your customers when and where it matters. The programmatic buying platform gives access to display inventory across ad exchanges to accurately bid, precisely target and effectively optimize your campaigns in one UI. And, can leverage first and third-party datasets to maximize performance.

Search is a web-based tool for bid management, campaign management, performance, and reporting. It facilitates campaigns across search engines including Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo, all in one place. Multiple, more flexible bid strategies including ROAS, position and cost per acquisition can be used within the same account.

Studio is a flexible and user-friendly tool for creating developing rich media creatives that seamlessly integrate with GMP to execute dynamic, data-driven creatives. It has two parts: a software development kit (SDK) that helps you build rich media, and a web-based workflow tool that allows you to preview, test creatives, and distribute for ad serving.

Analytics 360 gathers data from touchpoints across the user’s journey. The integration with the DoubleClick suite shows the full customer journey, influenced by your cross-channel campaigns for robust data measurement and attribution.

Data transparency and ownership

The GMP full technology package allows you, the advertiser, to have full access and control over the collection, usage and portability of your data. The integrated platforms cover every facet of digital buying, including programmatic. Whether you are buying and activating media in-house or leveraging through an agency, you will have access to real-time insights related to your media efforts.

Operational & performance efficiencies

By leveraging integrated technology, advertisers eliminate the risk of wasted time and money, as workflows are executed seamlessly across the Google Marketing Platform. The single view of the customer allows for a more accurate picture of your customer journey, as Campaign Manager de-duplicates the data across channels. Having access to quality data, less data loss, and frequency capping increases your working media dollars, ultimately impacting your bottom line.

Unified insights

GMP technology allows buyers to run holistic digital marketing programs, across multiple channels, on one integrated platform via floodlight tagging. Your team will execute powerful, data-driven campaigns based on real-time conversion metrics, combining on and offline data points.

As a GMP Certified Marketing Partner, we have been carefully vetted and meet Google’s rigorous qualification standards.

We are a trusted business partner and extension of the Google team. We are certified to provide the implementation, training, and support needed to be successful with the Google Marketing platform.

Through our partnership, our clients have access to the very latest digital marketing solutions and insight. We are at the cutting edge of digital advancements, both strategically and technologically, and we proactively share that with you.


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