Simplify Campaign Management With DoubleClick Campaign Manager

Jellyfish Dynamix, Certified DoubleClick marketing partner
Jellyfish Dynamix Certified Marketing Partner Doubleclick
DoubleClick Campaign Manager Jellyfish Dynamix

Streamline campaign management, from display media planning to reporting, into one unified platform.

Google’s powerful dynamic solution, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, simplifies planning, trafficking, targeting, serving, optimization and reporting.


  • Full channel measurement & attribution
  • Universal data management
  • Streamlines workflow
  • Creative messaging

Full channel measurement & attribution

Gain a single view of the connected user across the web and devices. Real-time data from across the customer journey allows you to reach audiences in the right moment, on the right device. DoubleClick Campaign Manager provides segmentation based on tags or floodlight custom variables.

Universal data management

Seamlessly embedded into the unified DoubleClick data platform, you can plan, execute and measure your display campaigns along the rest of your digital marketing programs. From online to offline conversion data, DoubleClick Campaign Manager centralizes your campaign data in one place.

Streamlined workflow

Google DoubleClick Campaign Manager’s simple workflow and intuitive interface is easy to learn; ad planning and trafficking tasks take just a few simple clicks. Campaign updates and automations are performed in minutes with in-line and bulk edits, and two-way sync.

Dynamic creative messaging

Creative is personalized to your customer, frequency, and device. By integrating with DoubleClick Studio, you manage frequency capping, sequential messaging, and dynamic creative variants. Simplifying the creative process, DoubleClick Campaign Manager automatically detects where an ad is served and then renders the proper type of creative. The same dynamic rich media or standard creative can be used to run both in-app and on the web.

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