Connect To Your Audience With Display & Video 360

Connect with your customers when and where it matters.

Display & Video 360, formerly known as DoubleClick Bid Manager, is the complete programmatic buying platform. Access display inventory across ad exchanges to accurately bid, precisely target, and effectively optimize your digital marketing campaigns.


  • Consistent customer conversations
  • Simplified programmatic buying
  • Premium video inventory access
  • Unique data access

Consistent customer conversations

Buy mobile, video and display campaigns in one place. Communicate consistently with more than 90% reach of typical cookie lists across exchanges, formats and geographies.

Simplified demand-side buying platform

Display & Video 360 secures bids through auction and fixed price, guaranteeing that you access the right inventory for your needs. From open and private auctions to preferred deals and programmatic buying guarantee, the process is simple and ensures you reach the right audience.

Premium video inventory access

Access brand-safe programmatic video inventory management through TrueView. Build awareness and run brand lift surveys to measure impact. Pay only when viewers choose to engage.

Unique data access

Integrate first-party data, Google owned Search Ads 360 data, and third-party audience data to reach the right customer at the right time. Use data to suppress lists, create lookalike campaigns, achieve sequential messaging, and build audiences to optimize frequency with lists updated at every impression.


Learn how to execute campaigns, leverage targeting capabilities and reports with our range of DV360 training courses.

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