Uncover The Impact of Your Marketing Spend With Attribution 360

Understand the customer journey with insights into each marketing channel.

Google’s Attribution 360, allows you to measure and optimize your marketing spend for all channels, on and offline. See the existing customer journeys and optimize to improve your return on investment.


  • Data-driven attribution modeling
  • Integrated digital and broadcast data
  • Measure impact
  • Streamlined view

Data-driven attribution modeling

Combine and interpret siloed data sources in one place. Use real data to assign conversion to understand the customer journey on and offline.

Integrated digital and broadcast data

Measure your offline data, such as radio, TV, and print, alongside your digital efforts to understand the complete picture of your marketing efforts. Specifically, for businesses running TV campaigns, Attribution 360 TV attribution integrates digital and broadcast data to showcase cross-channel performance.

Measure impact

Understand and measure how each micro-moment impacts the entire customer journey. The advanced attribution technology provided better insight and data into how your customers interact with each channel. Measure the impact of your campaigns and use the data to improve your users’ experiences.

Streamlined view

View your marketing spend across your many channels with Attribution 360. See the full view of your performance metrics at a high level or dive deep into each channel and campaign. Fully understand how each channel impacts the others to drive greater returns.

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