Improve Experiences With Analytics 360

Access the tools you need to improve your customer’s experience.

Advanced insights with Google Analytics 360 allow you to understand your customers’ behavior with data from all touchpoints to evaluate your content, products, and more.


  • Native integrations
  • Useful insights
  • Unsampled and accurate data
  • Expert support

Native integrations

Analytics 360 plugs directly into your ad-technology, such as AdWords and DoubleClick, as well as additional data sources like your CRM platform. Collect campaign information, clicks and impressions within multi-channel funnels to evaluate where channels have the most impact and adjust marketing accordingly.

Useful insights

See the complete user journey. The cutting-edge technology processes massive amounts of complex data and simplifies the results so that your organization can understand insights immediately.

Un-sampled and accurate data

Analytics 360 offers completely un-sampled data that updates in four hours, rather than 24 hours with the standard model. For enterprise level organizations, this provides deeper and more accurate insights than what is offered with the standard version of Google Analytics.

Expert support

As a certified Google Analytics 360 partner and reseller, Jellyfish Dynamix provides dedicated and experienced support from analytics managers allocated specifically to your account. From setup to technical audits, on-call support to robust reporting, Jellyfish Dynamix can find the right combination of support for your organization.


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